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Time Savers

Pouring Impressions

You always have the option to have us pour your impressions. This not only allows you to see more patients each day, but it also frees up your staff to get other daily tasks completed. Don’t hesitate to inquire further about this “time saving service.”

Seating Bands

We frequently receive models for fixed appliances in which the bands have “floated” in the impression. To ensure a proper fitting appliance, the bands must be repositioned therefore a band repositioning fee is assessed on these cases. So, take the error factor out, let us seat your bands.

Carving Brackets & Bands

If you choose not to de-band your patient prior to taking impressions, don’t worry, we can carve bands and brackets. This service will maximize the quality of the appliance you receive without compromising your patient’s treatment.

About Ortho Crafters, Inc.

Ortho Crafters, Inc. is a full-service orthodontic laboratory that serves the needs of professionals like you. We offer a full range of quality oriented appliances manufactured with your customization resulting in a premium product for your patients.


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