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For your convenience we provide USPS postage paid shipping labels. We return completed cases via UPS. We subsidize these expenses by charging $10.50 per return shipment rather than per individual case/invoice. This adds further savings to you since we can ship up to a dozen cases in a single shipment.

We offer local pickup and delivery at no charge if you are located within 10 miles of our Woodstock lab or if your monthly volume exceeds $1,000. If you would like to take advantage of our local service and you do not meet the above criteria, we will gladly extend this service for a $10.50 handling fee per delivery.

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About Ortho Crafters, Inc.

Ortho Crafters, Inc. is a full-service orthodontic laboratory that serves the needs of professionals like you. We offer a full range of quality oriented appliances manufactured with your customization resulting in a premium product for your patients.


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