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Billing & Payment


An invoice is generated for each prescribed appliance (or service) that is requested for an individual patient. The invoice will be included with the appliance on delivery to your office and a copy will remain at the lab. However, do not pay by the invoice, but rather use the invoice to cross check your monthly statement.

Payment Terms

The monthly statement is a summary of patient invoices that have accumulated on your account within the current month. Your statement is printed and dated on the last working day of each month. Please note that the current charges on your statement are due and payable by the 15th. This will allow you to keep the convenience of an open account and avoid service charges for late payment.

Payment Methods

You may send a check along with the top portion of your statement in the enclosed self-addressed envelope that is provided.  We also accept all major credit cards.  If you would like to pay your statement with a credit card, please call the lab for details.


Billing Questions

If you have a question regarding your account, please contact the lab. Have the patient’s name and invoice number available so that we may answer your question promptly.

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Ortho Crafters, Inc. is a full-service orthodontic laboratory that serves the needs of professionals like you. We offer a full range of quality oriented appliances manufactured with your customization resulting in a premium product for your patients.


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