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Partnering for Exceptional Patient Care.

For 20 years, our lab has been completely committed to the quality of our products, the dependable service we provide, and our desire to form lasting relationships.  From the careful attention to detail to the precise fabrication of each appliance, our quality will far exceed your expectations. Ortho Crafters wants to be the perfect fit for your practice while helping you and your staff achieve the highest standard of care for your patients. 

Our Expertise

We bring over 50 years of combined experience with our team of highly skilled technicians.

Our Goal

As an orthodontic lab specializing in a variety of fixed and removable appliances, Ortho Crafters understands and appreciates the day-to-day mechanics of a busy practice therefore, fulfilling and exceeding your expectations is our primary goal.

Our Philosophy

Ortho Crafters’ mission is to deliver the highest quality appliances with unsurpassed service while maintaining and building a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

About Ortho Crafters, Inc.

Ortho Crafters, Inc. is a full-service orthodontic laboratory that serves the needs of professionals like you. We offer a full range of quality oriented appliances manufactured with your customization resulting in a premium product for your patients.


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specializing in fixed and removable appliances